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22 May 19
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(c)2001 Issue No 62 29 Jan 01
Published free of charge to Readers
Editor: Sam Ignarski

In this issue:

1. Welcome
2. maritimelegaldotcom
3. Seafacs
4. MenryNoon Site
5. Breakaway in Baku
6. And Finally...

1. Welcome

This week's issue contains links to sites and portals in the shipping and insurance world whose common feature is the modesty of resources commanded by their inventors.

It remains possible for those with good communication skills and powers of invention to make strong impressions in cyberspace.


2. maritimelegaldotcom

Lawyer Jae Sundaram has written in from Chennai in India with news of his portal for students and practioners of maritime law.

"I'd been toying with the idea of a website which could interest both the student and the practitioner alike. Well, the idea seemed a distant dream with my pc skills limited to ms word and a few working tips on other office applications (and with little or no knowledge of building a website). html, dreamweaver, frontpage, javascript - all sounded more like words out of a strange dictionary

the idea was growing at an alarming pace, posing a serious threat to the size of my ego. I decided to give it a try and sat through a few sessions with an uncle of mine (gm sundaram), a known computer expert. Soon it dawned on me that unlike in reality dreams stood a better chance of being realised in virtual space with the pc as a trustworthy companion!

I've executed the project all by myself, starting from building on the data to designing the site. technical advice and support was provided by my uncle, who had always been a phone-call away."

The portal desribes itself as a a one-stop link page for the maritime law professional and the student. it currently features a little over 700 links, which is expected to increase with the on going research. The information provided is restricted to availability of material on the world wide web.

There are links classified under country heads and various topics links to articles on maritime law featured in various web pages lists of international bodies & organisations and more.

A very good effort and maybe a lesson to all those overblown portals which often fail to impress upon closer inspection.

Have a look at:

3. Seafacs

We recently has some contact with former Westie Tony Powell of SIR - Seafacs Information and Research which is a specialist information consultancy, finding information and expertise for professionals in the shipping, insurance and commodity fields.

The SIR service is one where you define the sort of information you require,while SIR does the searching.

SIR assists clients to find:


Commercial & Technical Information

Commodity Information

It is good to see and organisation which began its service quite a while before the importance of information and on-line data searching was much appreciated in place like the offices of marine insurers.

His site is at:

4. MenryNoon Site

Brian Jenner in Singapore passed on a reference to this website. Henry Noon is the name of a firm of local management consultants who have been providing professional secretarial services to shipping conferences and rate agreements since 1951.

The site repays a visit and contains a number of interesting or curious links.

5. Breakaway in Baku

This week we received a message from the firm of Akaya Co in Baku,giving the news that these surveyors have left the firm of Vitsan, the Lloyd's Agents en bloc and set up on their own.

These days such changes in the old order are not so infrequent. It is also interesting to see how the new firm has used the world wide web to explain the circumstances of the break-up, to present a list of their surveyors together with photos and qualifications and generally to pitch for business. It is an approach which might be adopted by many others in the business around the world.

6. And Finally...

Do you, like the editor sometimes pine for the sight of a procession of ships, such as the view that residents of Western Hong Kong enjoy of the harbour approaches by Lamma Island? For the desk bound, the next best thing may be found at the Ship Photo Gallery run by Dennis Shum who organises his photos by operator and by ship's name.

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