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Items in red have been added in the last 24 hours

Bunkers: An Analysis of Practical, Technical and Legal Issue - 18th Jul 2008
Bunkers: An Analysis of the Practical, Technical and Legal Issues is the world’s most authoritative book on bunker fuels. Covering almost every aspect of bunkering in a concise, detailed but easy-to-read format, it offers almost 400 pages of highly-accessible text, charts, diagrams and graphs which make it the most comprehensive training tool for readers at any level of expertise, knowledge and experience of bunkering.

Bunkers is a must for maritime lawyers, marine engineers, insurers, shipping and bunkering companies, fuel purchasers and charterers – in fact anyone involved in handling bunker fuels or dealing with expensive claims.

Contact: Tel: +44 1295 814455


An Introduction to Bunkering, by Nigel Draffin - 30th Jun 2008
An Introduction to Bunkering is a 100-page entry level guide to bunkering, covering all aspects of the marine fuels industry in a simple, easy-to-read style, with many explanatory diagrams and high quality photographs.

It is aimed at beginners in the bunker and shipping industries and at those on the periphery (maritime lawyers, shipbrokers, testing laboratories, engine designers, journalists, etc.) who need occasionally to dip into easy-access information on the subject.

With a Foreword by Capt M. Segar. Director of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. ISBN 978-0-9548097-1-3.

£39.95 / US$79.95 / €49.95 + p&p

Contact:; Tel: +44 1295 814455


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